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New customers: Try us out and get 25% off your entire first order. Just call, text or fill out the form above: (720) 333-8369.


The top dry cleaner in Parker now also provides the leading pick-up and delivery dry cleaning route service in town, meeting all your dry cleaning needs from the convenience of your home or office. Our store was built on exemplary customer service, innovative technologies and superior quality and our delivery service is no exception.

Our premier delivery service offers:

  • Automatic pick-up and delivery service twice weekly or ON-CALL. Every week, we will drive by your home or office and check for items to be picked up or returned to you, twice a week, on designated days. You use the service at your convenience, as often or as little as you need. If you prefer ON-CALL, just text, email or call us when you have a pickup.
  • Three Choices of Dress Shirt Service and Price: 1) Standard Press $1.95:As good as, or better than, your average dry cleaner. 2)PerfectPress™ $2.25:Our Trademark shirt, flawlessly pressed and pristinely packaged to ensure the highest quality. 3)Dry Cleaned & Hand Finished $4.25+: The ideal shirt choice for your most expensive and luxurious shirts.
  • Text or email pickup and delivery confirmations. When we take or leave an items from your home or office, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing where it is.
  • No minimum requirements on orders. You can set out as little or as much as you like, once or twice a week. We will always be by.
  • No contracts. To sign up, simply call or fill out the above form.
  • High quality garment care. We know dry cleaning and our reputation depends upon it. We’ve been in the dry cleaning industry over 10 years. We know garments and what it takes to keep them, and you, looking the best.
  • SureGrip Delivery Hanger to ensure that your garments stay secure until you get home.Our unique patented hanger design keeps your clothes in pristine condition until you bring them inside.
  • EZ Pay by credit/debit card. Payment is secure and easy.
  • Superior customer service. We’ve built our brand on this simple concept: provide more than the customer expects, and the customer will stay forever. This applies to our delivery division as well. If it ain’t broke, why fix it.

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