Go Green........with red 24/7 is environmentally friendly

We care about our environment. That's why here at 24/7, we choose supplies, resources and services designed to reduce dry cleaning's ecological footprint. Small changes can lead to big differences within our communities. By choosing a green cleaner, you're doing your part too. Way to go, you!

We recycle

HANGERS Our hanger recycling program allows customers to simply place unwanted hangers back into their 24/7 bag and drop it off at the store. We will then make sure that they are recycled properly.

POLY BAGS Our plastic garment bags are recyclable. Simply place used bags in your 24/7 bag and drop them off with your next order.

SAFETY PINS We will reuse any unbroken safety pins you would not like to keep.

We Save Trees By eliminating paper waste, we can save thousands of trees a year. We allow our customers to communicate and submit forms electronically. We also have the option of receiving all of your invoices and statements through email. By accepting all major credit cards, we let our valued customers cut back on paper consumables as well.